This is a very basic site where I will be creating a smaller, more compact and hopefully more entertaining Bible for secular people.

It's no secret that Millenials as a whole are less religious these days. Pew Research and a number of other polling services are consistently finding a huge drop in religousity for the generation of people born after about 1980 or so.

Because of this, and because the Bible is such a huge lynchpin of western civilization, I feel it's important for our cultural heritage to have a version of the Bible that is accessible and removes a lot of the content that the average person doesn't care about.

The average non-religiousĀ person doesn'tĀ need to know the genealogy of Noah. The average non-religious person doesn't need a great deal of scholarly commentary, or every single Levitical law.

This version will have entire verses stripped or condensed, artistic license is taken. If you're looking for a religiously accurate version of the Bible - this is absolutely not it. My goal is to make an entertaining book based on the Bible.

This is meant as a work of entertainment. If you find this Bible interesting or valuable, I certainly recommend you get a copy of the NIV or other version of the Bible for a more thorough analysis.